Tuesday, June 29, 2004
the neighborhood misbegotten psychoanalyst.
well, life goes on.

dammit, the water pipe burst today around my area, resulting in water flowing freely everywhere, except from my tap.

got fixed at around 7 pm, hope it stays fixed (=_=)"

i feel a bought of hopelessness coming on whenerver i try to do my assignments, i hope it's not a permanent affliction...

trip to sungei wang tommorow with furuba XD. sadly can't make it for the sleepover TT_TT. but then again, i must then use this time to do my assignments. dammit why is the "i'm not gonna make it" feeling coming so soon this term!? ;)


What makes a good rumour?

Bizarre Rumour Generator = A fun little toy that gave me such spectacularly ridiculous results as the one shown below =
When capitalists ruled the earth, a whole flock of vengeful foxes morosely flailed the neighborhood misbegotten psychoanalyst.
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Monday, June 28, 2004
the best thing since sliced bread and the horseless carriage
what a week it has been...

                                                      secrets revealed
                                      hearts broken
                            bonds forged
     alliances betrayed


                      only in theaters and selected pirated dvd shops.

to those who do go there, i just uploaded some champloo wallpapers on my DA site.
and for some unexplanied reason, my winamp doesn't respond to keyboard commands anymore. only the global hotkey settings seem to be working. gone are the days when i just have to press 'B' to skip tracks...

plans this week
  • a trip to sungei wang with my beloved furuba dys.
  • finish my assignments, properly i might add, not the run 'o' the mill last minute panic effort...
  • sleep after the sun goes down, not the other way round.

to whom it may concern

based on what i heard from lina of furuba dys, very nice looking Naruto skins for The Sims.

Orcas (killer whales) kill sharks by torpedo-ing up into the shark's
stomach from underneath, causing the shark to explode. = Useless fact
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Saturday, June 26, 2004
technicolour i lub yew
ugh i am torn.
i don't know what to do. i don't know where to go.
key word today : ambivalent.
path most appealing : inaction.
not choosing is also a choice. will it be the right choice?
i hope it's not too late to not make that choice.

behold the horrors of rants, bad drama, and also bad grammar. 8D *sigh*

after the personal rambling, i have this to say:
am now on a temp monitor, the colour's back, but the clarity of the text is all weird on the lcd. (goes googly eyed writing this.)
i think i nailed the italics problem...a big hug and thanks to gan as well as the guy from html goodies...

and now for your friendly neighbourhood distraction

A really cool flash based site. full of toys.

The shortest unit of time in the multiverse is the New York Second, defined as the period of time between the traffic lights turning green and the cab behind you honking.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies)

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Friday, June 25, 2004
moffy the magic hash brown
isn't he just adorable?

illegal alien Posted by Hello

my battle against assignments...

  • assignments - (2099086597869887...)
  • me - (-=nil=-)
my monitor is goin round the u - bend. i am not amused.
after many attempts to put this post up, it seems my blog was folowing close behind. now, i am not amused and also in need of a punching bag.

a link a day keeps a finger busy

look ma, a handy colour tool
Pepperpot Lady: Well, I object to all this sex on the television! I mean, I keep falling off! - Monty Pythin's Flying Circus

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Thursday, June 24, 2004
ommelette du fromage
Bloody Hell!!!, i was in the middle of writing a post when the window closed on me !!! *curses the bloody gods of humourous misfortune*

says "bloody" one more time for no particular reason.

=-pause for effect-=

activities today-
aah, had a weird encounter with the furuba nation 8D.a tour de carrefour, and lepak session at aly's place.

also, tried to replay prince of persia: the sands of time (my, what a long title). but the silly thing refuses to work properly on my com this time round. my whole evening could be summarised as - install, run, manually end process, uninstall. rinse and repeat.

so, i hope to be able to make an expedition to the local purveyour of computerised entertainemnt before my frustration causes me to strangle the incidental gerbil due to my horrendous deprivement of recreation. ;)

While you wait....

- for those who are fans of JK Rowling, her personal site is worth a visit. i reccomend going to the TEXT ONLY site 1st. let's you appreciate this amazing writer's dry and sarcastic humour without all the bangs and whistle's of the flash version.

-a collection of short stories and passages my THE man
Tim Burton's: The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy
A raccoon tangled with a 23,000 volt line today. The results blacked out 1400 homes and, of course, one raccoon.

Steel City News

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
this side up
in light of recent events =

A New Baygon Ad Posted by Hello

just a piccie i found lying around in my com. don't know who made it ;)

anyway, the yatta video has been a plague begun by me. visitors to this blog have been inflicting the message to their friends. causing all to be .....afected.(in oh so many ways)

found this link on nana's blog - amazon.com Yatta! reviews.

Based on what you know about him in history books, what do you think Abraham Lincoln would be doing if he were alive today?

  1. Writing his memoirs of the Civil War.
  2. Advising the President.
  3. Desperately clawing at the inside of his coffin.

David Letterman

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
= this space intentionally filled =
yay, got a new dvd rom burner.....*looks at the money flyin away to the big big golden bank in the sky*

and also more ram. hopefully it helps my computers short term memory. that is, the lack of it.

am bored. there's assignmnets. in the end the teapots are still undone. due to the intervention of chocolates, french fries, teh ais, and a french girl called amelie.

14 figures to be done... GOD PLEASE HELP ME

i am starting to doubt whether this is really a holiday or some sick excuse for the lecturers to torment us under the pretext of educating us...

Now, for something completely different...

quoted from the site itself - "Nickelback, you lazy, talentless bunch of wankers."
"It's my belief that these sheep are laborin' under the misapprehension that they're birds. Observe their be'avior. Take for a start the sheeps' tendency to 'op about the field on their 'ind legs. Now witness their attempts to fly from tree to tree. Notice that they do not so much fly as... plummet." - Rustic Shepherd, Monty Python's Flying Circus

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Sunday, June 20, 2004
"Tis but a fleshwound !"
it's sunday...

sunday bloody sunday.

arrrgh....i really have the temptation to just goof off, but i hafta draw some silver teapots


i NEED a new cd drive soon. or my hard disks are gonna overflow.

went to one utama today with my bro, mom, and grandma. dad left for singapore yesterday...

      it's so inefficient, that at 11 am, the time when me and my family arrives at a place after picking up my grandma, that the only places to eat are fast food outlets and supermarkets, serving breakfast food. such is our fate whenever we venture into a largely commercial areas like one utama.
      the thing is, when we eat at these places, it's sorta supposed to tide us over for the whole day, till dinner that is, cos earlier no breakfast, (church service at 8.30 am), lunch at 11 ish. but alas not many places open for lunch business early, and our stomachs usually are not willing to wait.
      so, after our weekly negotiation on where to eat right after we leave the church service, we decided to eat at delifrance in one utama. arriving at 1 U however, we noticed a very full carpark at 10.45 am. delifrance was a crowded mess, being one of the only places serving food other that burgers at that time...ironic thing was, by the time we got our food, the rest of the restaurants would have been open for business, but oh well.
      the only consolation was that i got a new pair of pants from topman :D, plus a belt and a shirt. my mom freaked me out by actually egging me to get more than what i intended to buy, aka just the pants, because they were both 50% off,(the pants and the shirt). hee hee.

now, i'm full of bak kut teh, after havin dinner with my other grandma...

and i gotta draw those bloody teapots.

oh bugger...

damn, i'm feeling stressed when there's not many new episodes of anime to watch...

ach, aly's just called me out for mamak...am i going to do the work? or mamak? hmmmmmmm, go mamak THEN do the work.... :D

web crawlings

"droit de seigneur"
saw this term being used in a book. din know what it meant, so did a google. this was one of the more amusing articles...

Luck is my middle name. Mind you, my first name is Bad.

--Rincewind, "Interesting Times"

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Saturday, June 19, 2004
(¬_¬ ) ?
just managed to commandeer aly's copy of Amelie :D

a lovely and magical film.

*huddles into a little blanket cocoon, and snuggles up to the pillow*

( ¯3¯)~Zz²

"Now that's what i call a dead parrot."
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Friday, June 18, 2004
I faart in your generail zirection!!! >8D

hoo boi...

"bye bye and a fare thee well to all my previous comments, thanks all for commenting."
-implemented haloscan for comments...hopefully will make it easier to post...
just click on "comments" to comment. the little ' ? ' in the window lets you insert smilies.
still feels sad bout my old comments going, if anyone out there knows how to get them back, let me know please?

am feeling tired and stupid for not studyin, and goofing off instead....only a few more days till break...


typo test on sat morning...

more sotong experiences are coming up.
keep a lookout.

meanwhile...take a look at this video -
YATTA!! heh, i'm becoming an ebaum whore. (=_=)"
*a special note to those who can't play the file = rename the extension to .wma from .mpg
if THAT doesn't work. pray.


whooops T_T, error extrodinaire! your supposed to rename it to .wmv, not .wma
other than that...just added a link to guririririririririn's blog (kisengure)
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Thursday, June 17, 2004
wow, another one!!!
well, my friend aly has just started her blog, go show some support XD.
she's one of my best friends :hugs:
and also just as mad as i am...if not more *MUHAHAHAhHAHHAhHAHhAHAhhahahhahHAH*

who incidentally at the time of this post just informed me that she got a full blast of aerosol bug spray into her face on account of misdirected nozzle.

*note* point about madness proven, we shall all do a sotong dance in commemoration of this...
it's called Musings of a Deranged Mind at the moment, i just love the url name she got ;)

moving on, nanahazie's asking me to post more stuff like the rainbow kids show XD.

so here it is...don't know how many ppl have seen the video, but i think it's syok berlumuran darah. well, it's not entirely in the same vein as rainbow, but it's more ebaum goodness. :D

my sotong experience

One fine day me and my bro were in a shopping mall, when we went to get the parking paid. it was one of those auto pay stations, a bug bright yellow one. sparkilng new too. anyways, it being a sunday morning, i was missing a part of my brain that decided to sleep in and stay in bed while the rest of me lurched about. back to the parking autopay machine, i took out a dollar bill and proceeded to feed the machine. strange, why can't the dollar bill fit?...*begins attempt to cram the bill into the slot. all of a sudden, a guy behind me said, "erm, that slot's for the card, the one for the bill is below.." i went..."oh." and nearly tripped on my toes... then, ipaidtheticketthenranasfastaspossiblewithoutturningbacktothecar.
the lesson of the story kids, is that
"don't leave your brain at home, you never know when you might need it."

"now, we shall do the sotong dance again to commemorate this shining example of sotongness."
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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
eric the half a bee
well, life goes in and am gonna have a two week break starting on the 22nd of june!!

if you have a desk calendar, you'll probably be sayin "waat? that's not a proper start? it's not on monday!"

but due to unforseen cicumstances vis a vis, a breakdown in talks between the hardworking and procrastinating factions, currently at conflict over the time it takes to finish an assignment on time, my college and obligations have implemented sanctions on my need to goof off regularly.

therefore, consequently, so, thus, then, as a result, for that reason, i havta pop into college on monday to hand in some late assignments to avoid prologing the pain.

on a side note. i DID survive monday. but i didn't live healthily tho.

am currently addicted to the monty python song "eric the half a bee"

where the phrase "semi carnally" was misheard by someone in the song as "cyril connolly. which found me in google doing a search and finding this

a collection of interesting quotes by the fellow.

a sample:

The artist is a member of the leisured classes who cannot pay for his leisure.
- Cyril Connolly

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Monday, June 14, 2004
plopittyu plop
warg...it's a first this term.....i managed to finish 2 out of three of my figure assignnments before the day before the due date...

slept at 7 am this morning, and woke up at around past 12pm...

will i survive one utama?

*jeng jeng jeng*

"first, the cupcakes. next the world. mUAHHAHhHAHhHHHAHHA"
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Saturday, June 12, 2004
incessant rambling
gOOgle and OOgle - well, I think it was a silly idea and now it shall remain in the archives as a testament to boredom and the weird things it makes us do.

i feel sick. well, not physically sick, just sick.

not motivated to post anything at the moment.

well, anything that's really amusing anyway.

*note to bing and aly - what actually is the plan on monday? are you guys planning to be out the whole day or what? i dun think i'll be able to juggle goin out and finishing my assignmnets which i aleady am one week behind... gotta proritise right. and DON'T call me antisocial and goad me into goin. you've done it before and i've regreted it.
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Friday, June 11, 2004
your friendly neighbourhood blog
college continues >_>""

can't wait for monday cos there's a plot to go to bandar utama and catch a movie + food

but then again, dat means i'll have to get most of my work done before that to go and have a guilt free time


gOOgle and OOgle

hey yall, i'm gonna start this silly thing where i'll think of random words, phrases i've heard before, and google em' ,then i'll post the site that's on the top of the list...or that catches my interest, after that..i'll do a search on one of the more colourful phrases on the found site. think of it as a sort of degrees connection between webpages...let me know if you think this is a blardy waste of time, or whether you'll actually take an active interest hee hee.

todays words -"squid bits"
which turned up Bits-O-Squid
in which i actually got a site that has stuff devoted to eric idle.
- quoted from the site -
"You might find this interesting, or you may think it's just a load of fetid dingo's kidneys."

have a look ...
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Thursday, June 10, 2004
HAR ye mateys ><
Well, managed to add the flooble thingie without much incident. Now on to the question whether it will withhold the pressures of shameless spamming. an intent voiced enthusiastically by certain parties. You know who you are! ^_^

tweaking with html is a bitch. but now i . . . oh wait, nevermind.

it still is a bitch. XD

Well, after taking the evening to goof off in my html blog escapades, I must alas return to trying to finish my assignments. *warg*

Now, for something completely different...

ribald fun *sniggers*. some things cannot be unseen. a treat or a terror. it all depends on your preference.
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Wednesday, June 09, 2004
A list, and another list.
aaaahhhh, i survived another day of class..whether i survive the week is another matter. but i shall rejoice in small victories. yay! *waves a flag and sings a song*

updates(blog to-do list)

  • am trying to reposition the add banner, with the help from my html guru, aka known as my brother (^_^)
    but so far, has succeeded in making it go down to the bottom..., but also brought company!! behold the google twin banners...(TT_TT) *edit* oh my, blogger does not like to be tampered with...this post din show till i reverted the template to before the twin banners incident...(>_>)

  • moving on, am planning to get a flooble shoutbox, cos it seems fun and it's FREEEeeEEeee....i'm pretty much a sucker for free stuff. most of the time anyways.

  • there seems to be a crapload of, well, crap in flooble besides the chatterbox as well, expect the mysterious appearances of unusual applets as well as their equally perplexing disappearances on this site... (^_^)

  • adding a link box for friends sites/blogs

next up would be... non blog stuff


  • a digicam
  • more ram for my blood sucking winXP
  • new dvd rom burner=urgent, my current cd drive has resigned without notice,the blasted thing (>_<)
  • a fashion excursion to sungei wang
  • getting the cash to let me actually have a shopping excursion.
  • get bro to collect my stuff from add audio
  • *takes a breath*
  • *whacks self on head*
  • what i MEANT was....to let all my assignments never feel rushed. if that isn't a wish, i don't know what is, cos i'll probably need tinkerbell, the fairy godmother, the blue fairy, a genie, a wishing well, and several shooting stars to get THAT one to happen... (~_^)

that's all for now, and to whoever actually reads this page, thanks and gimme cash.

i mean, just thanks

*scuttles off to hide under the dark crevice known as my room to hibernate*

~parting presents~

link of the day - rainbow kids show
one of the funniest videos around, IF you have the right sort of mind...(>_>)
from the mad people at ebaum.
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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Attack of the webcomics

i am not proritizing right.

added the links sidebar to some webcomics i go to and you might like checking out.
html can be a bitch.

CONGRATULATIONS to my friend who just got a scholarship
>she's getting a blog of her own soon will add the link here later<

*note to self
add links to friends blogs?

*sigh* figures can be fun, it's just i have to actually DO them...goes off to continue drawing portraits for assignmnets.
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Monday, June 07, 2004
my user piccie

trying to get the size right... Posted by Hello

now on to mention

my little display piccie was done by lockjaw, my collegemate XD
*a big hug to lockjaw X3

you can check out her 'real' art ;) on lockjaw's deviantart page
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it's been a weird day

the blog is still in a very early toothing stage, but i think it's gettting better.i hope

well, one whole day. FUH

i'll need to actually finish some work before midnight if i wanna actually get through college this term. BEHOLD THE CURSE OF PROCASTINATION *whacks self with a large sea bass*

ouch that hurt.

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wow, my 1st post ;)
my first post.


i'm hungry and it's 2.30 pm.

that's all, and now on to tweaking this thingie till i like it.

*edit- so far there's only ONE person who knows where this site is, other than me that is, XD

unless of course, that somebody random spots this on the directory, hee hee

list of things to do for the blog
-get the photoblogging up
-fill up my profile
-find a supercrazycool skin for the site that i like because my brain can't handle html right now ;)
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it's japanese for riceball. in more local terms, ba chang might be the equivalent.
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