Wednesday, October 12, 2005
monkey bizness

whilst i have no mood to do anything other than blog, due to various aches and pains and a case of food poisoning, here's a report on what i'm up to, hopefully by the time i've recovered. (yes, i am shamelessly fishing for sympathy)

on sat, will be heading to isetan lot 10 for a performance for some bra launch. am singing lily's eyes with idzam with wai fun on digi piano. need to get there by 10am. it's a conflicting gig. for one thing, i'm gonna be missing class, for which i have 2 outstanding assignments due. for another thing, it's the first paid gig i've had in a loooooooooong time. for yet another thing, i have to get up early and find my own way to the middle of KL on a sat morning.

oh heck, i do it for the money.

and my mom doesn't seem to realise/mind i am missing class. heheheh

on that SAME day, straight after the bra gig, i'll be skidaddling (how the heck do you spell that anyway) to KLANG, to some school for the KMM, (klang music festival, not kesatuan melayu muda) to perform "Shenjidema" again.

then on SUNDAY, there's this~>

please DO come and have a good time, and be supporting a good cause as well ^^ CALL ME, or something if you need more details.
all money goes to sponsoring tickets for the YKLS charity performance end of the year.

there will be like 20 acts, each doing a song each, ranging from opera, broadway, filipino pop, canto classics, and j-pop if i am not mistaken hehe.
me and tracy will be doin a duet from mozart's "don giovanni". i am the don juan trying to get the soon to be wedded virgin to come to bed with me. the night before her wedding night.

sounds fun eh? ohohoho
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