Wednesday, July 26, 2006
say hello to my little friends

argh!!! work in 6 days!!!


this week, i have been getting less sleep cos of all the goofing off i wanna do before i have to be a good, clean, organized, and working designer. (yeah right)

and i am now hooked on a new show.


watched the entire first season in a few days, and am downloading the second season. this, along with "dancing with the stars" has made me wanna dance again. ballet even. but then i remember i might have to wear tights. not a pretty sight.

and i also am loving "one piece" the manga. ry says it's a waste of time but i can't get enough of eichiro oda's cracked up style of storytelling and the fact i am learning more about how to draw by reading it (i'm a design geek). and it's got...

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Sunday, July 23, 2006
onigiri freelances
version 1: had about a week to do.

version 2: done overnight after the editor said previous was too hard and heavy and square girl too tranny

version 3: done in the panicked hours before dateline when the previous version wasn't what they wanted either.

result: published. yay :)

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Monday, July 17, 2006
plushie love
525600 minutes
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Thursday, July 13, 2006
day of the sotong

chapter one:
i wanted to do some banking in the morning, while picking up some printing from a shop in sunway. so i took the cheque, the quick cheque deposit envelope and headed out, while filling up the envelop in the car before going to the bank, i realised i didn't have my bank book with me (nombor akaun tak ingat) nvm, my mom helped me to bank it later... but petrol wasted ish.

chapter two:
got home, ry asks me out for lunch in midvalley with another fren. "be there by 12.45, u late u die" he says. right. it's like 12.00. alamak, all my stuff to get ready before i go to klpac not ready, and i'm in need of a shower. *hurricane joel sweeps thru room packing stuff into bag. will have to sort out stuff at traffic light stops in car hehe. hmm, got some slight stubble making me look extra ah beng/ sleazy. need to shave, looks at clock, shit, 12.15, OUCH, cuts self with razor blade.

chapter three:
i bleed while trying to isi petrol before heading out, stuck in my card, not accepted, transaction cancelled. eh?! try again. same answer. bitchy pump 3. forked out some cash to fill up enough to get to midvalley, then KLPAC, then back. after filling, i realised i was sticking my ATM card into the pump and not my credit card.

chapter four:
ON TO MIDVALLEY IT IS 12 friggin 30 oh my gawd i am gonna be late. it was a miracle but i got to midvalley by 12.55 and ry so smart, lunch is actually 1.00 pm but he tell me 12.45 cos he KNOWS i am gonna be late. good thinking, but his smugness and "i told you so" face... grrr

lunch goes smoothly.

chapter five:
lost track of time, it's like almost 2 and i'm stil in midvalley. i run down to my parking floor. and.... i can't remember where i parked my car. shitshitshitshit. so did the echo location technique (walk around randomly while hoping the car alarm will sound) while racking my brains on any clue where my car actually is.

chapter six:
found the car, and tried to figure out how to get to KLPAC asap from midvalley. it's like a little after 2. was supposed to be in KLPAC by to midvlley by 2.20 ish, just in time to greet the first choir in for soundcheck. phew...

chapter seven:
the show goes smoothly and now i have 400+ photos to sort through of concert pics for the respective choirs and organizers. ok.. got to car, pressed alarm to unlock it. and it locked.

wtf..that means the car was unlocked the whole evening...

nothing missing (as far as i can tell). thank you god...

chapter eight:
went to naili's for supper. kept spilling ice kacang unto the table, which meant 5 minutes later a pink drizzle hit my pants. but i had fun and good food. while walking back to my kelisa, saw a kancil completely covered in shag pile carpeting. on the outside. it would be interesting to see that car in the rain.

didn't take pics of the shaggy car cos scared of the owner

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
cat and bunny and hot afternoons

ipod mini casings made by me ages ago with felt and bad stitching

never got around to version two which has a bottom flap for the charger/dock, felt like the bunny was wearing long johns with the button ass flap.

i think my blog is like becoming a photo blog already...

and i am starting to think i've got an "irritating bad luck" syndrome. it happens like when i finally start getting ready to go for choir rehearsal earlier so that i'm more punctual/ not so rushed, a lot of things just go slightly wrong to not really be BAD, but just make my blood boil.

it's a hot afternoon, so i'll take a quick shower before i go. OK, packed my bag earlier, picked it up, double chk contents, can't find organizer. SHIT. *15 minutes of running up and down and all around over ripping room and house apart, and i finally find it in the usual "oh my gawd why didn't i see it there when i looked there just 2 seconds ago"

by then i was soaked in sweat, again. so had to take another shower if not the air con in car would make me feel all clammy and in need of a restraining order to avoid nasal damage to unsuspecting choir members.

so another shower, was about to leave and then couldn't find organizer AGAIN... took 5 mintes this time, in my rage i didn't see it right next to my bag. it was a black organizer on a black piano in a shadow covered corner of the room in the late afternoon. ok, i've got a history of ke-sotongan too, but it didn't count. not much anyway.

by that time i was running late. and i was was rushed. urgh.

it's the same feeling you get when your download bandwitdh gets really good when you really HAVE to off the computer.

it's like someone somewhere is tweaking the universe a little to derive some perverse joy from your misery and frustration.

urgh again.
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Monday, July 10, 2006
mango to taufoo

my phone has finally been given a facelift courtesy of ry ry when he couldn't STAND the condition of my old phone casing, which looked like i had sat on it as a hobby.
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Thursday, July 06, 2006
busy busy ba-chang

wow, what a whirlwind weekend... on friday night, ryonn comes back from shanghai, i took the plunge driving solo to klia in rain in kelisa, got there in time, and then drove straight to kl for a night at chili's : see "
i am betty crocker's bitch"

nearly got killed several times on way to kl and after chili's tho, concentration was down after the long day, ry is convinced that my car will claim human sacrifice, it's just a matter of time...

anyways, friday nite out, sat morning off to genting! went there, took a dip in freezing water, i swear i could cut glass if i pressed up agaisnt the window after that, went thru some fun workshops, ate a LOT, played UNO, played with wigs, then on sunday morning, sang a lil and watched other ppl sing too and by sunday evening, i was back from the mountain nodding off in church in shah alam.

monday morning, went for a brief briefing in college, then was off to IPOH! pudu station was an EXPERIENCE... defies explanation, ppl haggling you to buy bus tickets, and being paranoid about your valuables in your pants. i mean wallets.

2 hours later i was in ipoh. played wit dogs, played with ps2, xbox and pc, all familiar friends, and ate ate ate, luckilly had a chance to swim swim swim to that i din have to buy 2 seats on bus back to kl. i miss spending time with rowan, f'ng, kyou and lina... they make the world a happy if, more hentai, place...

after 2 nights, i came back to kl at 1 am on the thrid night.

next afternoon, had an interview with ppl at
mccann one of the big BIG ad agencies...

fast forward to following week had a second interview on wednesday... got offered a job, i think i accepted it... but it's all a haze now... kena tegur from ry and parents for settling on low pay and no epf and socso... but my father also said, work for experience, not money...

i think i start in august, am waiting for the paperwork...

i think i start in august, oh my gosh...

i start in august... and the room has not been cleaned...

august is 3 weeks away...

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it's japanese for riceball. in more local terms, ba chang might be the equivalent.
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