Thursday, December 23, 2004
a day to remember
in no particular order:


apple juice























I'll give you a nickel if you tickle my pickle.

Bad Pick Up Lines

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
lord give us strength.
i don't know to what extent the person would like others to know, so i shall keep things vague.

i am in shock and i feel so helpless. but i shall do what i have been requested to do. i shall pray and i hope it helps. for what worth my prayers are, i shall do the best i can.

i just found out one of my close friends mom has cancer.

please, whoever that sees this, i dunno, please offer up a prayer or two?

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watch out for the flying excrement
it's the 22nd.

i don't know what's gonna happen. but something's definitely gonna happen.

i can't wait, but i'm nervous. i'm excited.

aaargh. so many things could go wrong, but so many things could be so right.

does almost everything have two sides to it, or is it just me who likes to split hairs?

it's me. hahahaha. it's a two edged sword. at times it lets me feel not so gloomy when something horrible happens, but sometimes makes me feel depressed when someting wonderful walks my way.

mary mary quite contrary.

i just have this tendency to be contrary. *sigh* at least, i think i do.

my throat hurts. heard a new word today, "voblisimmo". tentatively means the wobbling nature of the voice akin to a gargling turkey, or a mongolian throat singer.

aaargh. i can't waait!!!!

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Monday, December 20, 2004
le phantom of ze opela (a leview)
hokay, it's been one heck of a weekend.

ma maison. yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

farewell to valentine du bois and family! thank you so much for dinner and music. hope you guys have a safe trip and god bless you guys in the land down under. ^_^

i have finally acquired a copy of katamari damacy.

my brother acquired a copy of prince of persia: warrior within. am stuck trying to beat some evil bitch boss. i shall move on to rolling clumps of cow and housecats
unto my katamari in za meantime.

oh, title track time,
i went to catch le phantom of za opera. it's a long movie, cos it's almost the whole original stage play in movie form. sans intermission. be sure to train thy sphincter muscles beforehand. but in recent times, the tradition of the long movie has returned, tho in days long gone past, movies had intermissions. ppl shall have to evolve larger bladder capacities then.

anyways, back to the movie. it's a pretty faithful adaptation from stage to screen (score wise, that is) not having the luxury of watching it on stage, i liked the movie generally.

it can be summarized that the movie was a blast, with lotsa eye candy, in the sets as well as the cast. minnie driver is priceless as carlotta, i already liked the character, but carlotta endeared that diva persona even more to me. raoul, played by patrick wilson, being one of the few cast members with a stage/broadway background, played his role wonderfully. tho i would like to quote one of my friends, his forehead is unusualy smooth throughout the movie, giving one the impression that he is a walking botox advertisement.

the only letdown for me, and for many others is christine, and the phantom. they both look splendid in their roles, but little things like their imperfect miming, and their less than stellar voices disappointed many fans of the original. but to me, i feel it's defendable, because their vocal qualities sort of bring out their character that they play.

raoul - aristocrat, talented, rich = well trained, beautiful voice, full of charm
carlotta - heavily operatic voice, exaggeratedly italian = diva, italian woman who is full of herself :D
phantom - mysterious man living in the opera house = has an atypical, not normal voice, is not really a singer.
christine - young, impressionable ingenue = has a breathy voice, with moments of brilliance. is a fresh unexprerienced singer, naive.

it's pretty brief here, but you can see traits of their characters in the way they sing. purists might argue that more beautiful voices might serve the music better, but i think the way they are sung can help to serve the story better.

so there. that's briefly what i think.

and that's me using the word "brief" to many times as well. somebody please make my vocabulary fatter, rather than my ass.

and now on to new adventures, new love, and old assignments that need to be finished before college starts. augh.

hmmm, i just noticed that phantom opened here in malaysia waay earlier than the rest of the world. weird. usually it's the other way round.
yay malaysia boleh!

and also it has the longest uncut kiss scene i have ever seen on any malaysian screen.
yay malaysia boleh!

hmm, that just means the pirated copies will come out sooner that's all. support our cottage industry of manufacturing vcds and dvds.
yay malaysia boleh!

and one last thing, not the leat tho, thank you max and alia for such a sweet christmas card, merry christmas to all my fellow carollers and happy new year and see ya'll in the sparkly new year! wheeee.

"My nipples explode with delight!"

Monty Python - The Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook sketch

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
get happy
much better now. and so it goes....

gimme the serenity to accept the things i cannot change,
the strength to change the things i can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.

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yi pee yai ee ooo aay (ranting and raving. read if you want, but feel free to ignore)
i feel abosufuckinglutely craptacular.

i feel wondergrandiciuosly spamtastic.

gamut. ka put.

i feel terrible i feel great.

then after that, they cancel each other out and then i feel like not feeling and then i wanna die. but then i remember myself and then i wanna live.

i feel guilty. i feel bad. i feel like i wanna vindicate myself. i am undeserving. what have i done? i just wanna hide in a lil hole till evrything blows over. i don't know what's going on. what i assume is happening is highly probable to be or not be.

so i sit in the corner of the room and not do anything, cos things end up working themselves out. usually. any interferrance by me usually results in fantastically terrible results. i'm horrible. why do i go on?

because there's a chance that i'm not? because i might just be delusional and thinking it's all bleak.

but then again, i might be the one with an overinflated ego, and self serving dogma, that arranges everything i see into a neat little order that benefits myself. making me a self centered prick, with no consideration for otehrs.

bang. there goes my foot.

somebody out there hates me. it might be myself, or someone who hasn't owned up. it's prolly myself again.

i wanted to dissappear today.

i want to sleep, and perchance to dream, and to never to wake.

i'm running away.

i'm a coward.

bang. there goes my other foot.

life goes on. love goes on. and i don't know anymore.

disclaimer: thoughts on this blog tend to be transitory and at the spur of the moment. it's a release and should be taken with a pinch of salt as well as a whole lot of sarcasm involved. but there's a grain of truth somewhere lurking. just don't take it seriously. or take it extremely seriously. i can't really tell you what to think can i?.

i usually regret or forget why i felt like writing this after sleeping and waking. at the end of the day. the shit just piles up and then i get the push to flush it out. pun intended? i think so.

things will look better in the morning. they usually do.

hah. i'm consoling myself. well, be optimstic onigiri my dear, the sun'll come up, if not for you, then for the rest of the world. you are more than yourself. rememebre to live not for yourself, but for those around you, be more selfless and love life more. have faith lil riceball and stay happy. alway ALWAYS look on the bright side and be constructive. never lead yourself to a dead end. when there's a will, there's a way. you know this. never ever lose that will. it's happened before i think, i think it just happened, but you can pull yourself together.

i feel so tired and weak. god gimme strength.

there goes my wish for secularity in my presence on the net. but aaargh, i believe in god. why havn't i been more dependant on him? have i forgotten why i love my religion in the first place? is my fear of not being politically correct and not offending too many ppl getting in the way of what i used to view as right and wrong?

life of an onigiri: a study in rhectoric questions.


hah, life's a huge joke and i can't get the puncline. so i'm left in the dark when everyone else is laughing while i just pass the peanuts and beer around.

no lah. but what am i?

i don't wanna talk about this to anyone, that's why i put this on my blog, so that i can argue with myself without letting anyone get involved. but if you read this, i dunno.

just gimme some time to sort thru my shit.

there. i think too much. but it only seems to be a problem to other ppl. i just feel less confused with all this crap down in writing somewhere.

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Monday, December 13, 2004
euuuuaaaargh muahahhahaah
woo hoo, shaun of the dead. blardy good show.

the phantom of the opera movie. looks good, am optimistic, but who knows?

things look good. time to screw my head on properly.

oh, and i thought i'd post what i submitted as a report for my painting activities in a innocent and defenceless park in sunway hahahaha

The day of the crab

Well, community service started on a bright sunny morning in November. All of us met up in the designated park for restoration activities at around 11 am or so. We all had agreed to bring stuff like trash bin plastic bags, paint brushes, and other needed equipment.
After dividing the tasks and labours to the appropriate volunteers and draftees, we set out to conquer them. I started by sweeping up some leaves and picking miscellaneous rubbish from the area. After a fashion, I started work on one of the benches by scraping off some of the excess paint left from the last time it was painted a god-awful shade of pink, I shall refer to as radioactive fuchsia.
Soon, we started painting the benches a lovely shade of orange to brighten the mood, and to give it the “One Academy” feel as well. I don’t know whether it was on purpose, the orange does remind us of college. And it looks pretty good and cheerful too.
Sadly, the rain decides to loom just as we were finishing our second bench. This results in much running around like headless chickens, and a plan to regroup and finish off the project.
Fast forward to several days later, when it was perfect weather for painting. Nice and sunny, but perfect weather for roasting, not a cloud in the sky. In all my intelligence, I forget to put on sun block and wear a sleeveless t-shirt in my rush out of the house, resulting in several days of irritation and radioactive fuchsia shaded shoulders. I have a feeling the benches heard me insulting their last paint job.
But more importantly, we succeeded in finishing off the restoration/beautification/cleaning operation of the park. Now I only hope it will last so that the surrounding residents have a more cheery park to spend time in.
Doing this project really made me realize how “civic minded” residents in Malaysia actually are, and how much a little fresh paint can help liven up the whole area.

-painting in the sun, medium to well done-

well, it's almost halfway thru december.

it's time to get cracking.

  • -gigs with ykls
  • -M! opera workshop
  • -tigger coming back
  • -holiday assignments
  • -movies
  • -christmas
  • -new year
  • -get in shape

brilliant, brilliant! i tell you. be sure to chk out the wall papers, the "what is katamari damacy" section, as well as download the trailer. this game has got to be seen to be fully grasped. no amount of talking or text can really articulate what's it's really like.

Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music.

George Carlin

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Clash of the Titans

holidays are here aha. and stuff coming up include-

COMICS FIESTA - the selling of our doujin and possibly some cosplay activities? i dunno i seem to lack budget as well as motivation to cosplay or even dress up this year. tho i will shamelessly admit here i would enjoy the attention hahahahhaha *slaps self* PIAK

okay, next up

Caroling with the ykls - which happens to fall on the SAME DAY as comics fiesta (CF)....aaaaaargh rawr rawr rawr grumble grumble grumble. will be performing for clinique in klcc in the afternoon on sat as well as sun (if i am not mistaken). i shall have to play my cards right to survive all this. ish ish.

and one more thing is the world aids day event that's gonna be held in klcc, on the day i'm gonna be there nonetheless. eeep, was asked to contribute a poster for the event. but it's gonna be so last minute and i'm so rushed that i don't think i can make it. :(

Theme: Women, Girls, HIV & AIDS
An event organized by the Malaysian AIDS Council
Date: 11 December 2004 (Saturday)
Time: 2 - 6pm
Venue: KLCC (near Kinokuniya)
Sub-event: Youth to Youth theater
Special guest: Rashid Salleh, Nell Ng, Douglas Lim, Adam 8tv..
Sponsors: Malaysian AIDS Council, UNICEF & Suria KLCC

well, go and support this, it's a worthy cause. you'll get to hear me spread some sort of christmas cheer too on that day.
hmmm, and 14 more days! ;)

damn, was lepaking at carrie's the other day and i got introduced to the sims 2.

i must get it. muahahahahahhahahahah
wheee ykls has a website. it's uber cool, with tons of pictures from past productions as well as from the most recent one, "beat it sing it".

A cooked bird does not fly, except under very unusual circumstances.

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Monday, December 06, 2004
wow, i havn't touched this blog inna while.

ok, term is *almost* over.

BEAT IT SING IT just ran it's last show this afternoon, the 5th of dec.

twas a great show.
twas a great bunch of mad ppl. :D

a big THANK YOU to denise for organizing the wild after show dinner, it was a blast. i will never be able to look anyone in the eye properly for a few months, such a scandalous lip synching session of avenue q numbers 8D.

anyways, i survived college, (yay!) but what's left to be seen is of course results.

my parents are not in the country for the next week. hmmm, the mind boggles.

i promise i will write a better entry once i have my head in proper order.

i'm just glad that things are looking good now.
after such a looooong rut.
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it's japanese for riceball. in more local terms, ba chang might be the equivalent.
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