Sunday, May 08, 2005
aaaargh. what a bloody fiasco. i want to hide at home till the whole bloody thing blows over. i knew i din look my best when i was there that morning for the photoshoot and interview, cos i had been up till 6 am the night before, on a design inspiration run. (i just go with an idea when i strike one). henceforth i looked like a druggie zombie. pasty too. it also just hit me that probably half of malaysia now can recognize my pasty white self. it wasn't so bad on sunday morning, when not many have read the papers.

it's gonna be so awkward going to college on monday again. oh lordy, give me strength, and may my college mates display maturity and sympathy.

*sigh* well, the only consolation i have is that i be looking much taller than my bro muahhahaha. small (pun intended) consolation, but i'll take what i can get at the moment.

it's all because we got spotted having breakfast at coffee bean one sunday morning by a friend of a friend of the Star editor. parents happened to be out of town, so it was just me, my bro, grandma, the wheelchair, and plates of scrambled eggs that morning. seemed to be something so bloody unsusual, don't see how tho.

i will survive!!! mesti muka tembok a till the taunting and heckling stops.


the YKLS is gonna be having its next spectacular spectacular show coming up! we're gonna be featuring a live harp in our concert, who will be accompaniying as well as soloing during the concert. come come, bring your boyfriend/ girlfriend, auncle/aunties, sugardaddies/sugarmamas, etc. it will be a musical experience, featuring a lot of special compositions that are inspired by the four seasons.

more info: official website

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it's japanese for riceball. in more local terms, ba chang might be the equivalent.
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