Friday, June 30, 2006
KLPAC presents
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i am betty crocker's bitch
melted butter...yum

decorating cupcakes is fun and frustrating at the same time, the frosting cannot tahan malaysian heat, so you gotta work fast

night in chili's after shanghai, before aussie/genting
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

yeah, some chinese newspaper spelt it like that. ok, the building with the funny roof next to the curve?


it's actually a cathay cinema, but with added bells and whistles.

originally, as part of the MAKE MONEY initiative during my graduation campaign, the advertising peeps in my college decided to mass enter this student ad competition being hosted by said funny roofed building/ company.

out of all the entries, 5 were shortlisted. 3 of them from my batch, 1 of them being my team. woo hoo, this was followed by a presentation from all 5 finalists

fast foward to like 3 weeks later, and we have a press conference and the winners are revealed.

we were treated to a cut price presscon where SONY BMG were commemorating great sales, of the BIGGER album. a larger than life version of crazy frog came out to dance and present stuff. 6 feet tall with its head was the size of a volkwagen beetle.

thankfully there were no casualities, though it brought a smile in my evil heart when the frog nearly collapsed backwards due to the head being off balance.

and then there was the prize giving. they announced the consolation winners first, then the 3rd place winner, then the 2 finalists, which was my team and a team from IACT...

we got second place.

i like the bag :)

couldn't have done it without the great
marketing mama lynda and the design devil jaemy.

but WHYY LAA MUST THE CERT LOOK SO SEKOLAH RENDAH sob sob (i hope no one from cineleisure reads this or i am screwed muahaha) Posted by Picasa
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Monday, June 19, 2006
it was the best of times, it was the best of times.

to all of you fellow la30ratorians, and a special shoutout to all commitee members, all our 3 years of college and our 6 months of hard work TOGETHER, has brought us to this event.

we have ARRIVED, and we're ready to infect everyone with CREATIVITIS!!!

and to lynda, president extrodinaire : i have learnt so much from your professionalism and flair for thinking and executing the BIG IDEA , and i have a great admiration for you spirit and confidence, and it has inspired me many times.

to jaemy, my fellow vice president : your creativity and wackiness made me realize how much insanity and humour helps you be free from constrictions when thinking and brainstorming.


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Friday, June 16, 2006
rachel's bday bbq

yummeh cake, lotsa meat, some alcohol, then chinese tea. and a looong discussion about funerals and ghost visions after midnight. i remember for some reason also alyson looked dirasuk in one of the pics...

this one...

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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Malam Mesra Malaysia
also known as Denise's Kitchen, Seaside edition

another in the series of lapuk posts muahaha, i spent a lovely weekend in the company of fellow crazy friends from choir in Port Dickson.

there were like 10 of us all staying together in a 3 bedroom apartment. and the interesting bit about this trip is that it's the most cooking i have ever done on holiday. the first thing we did on the way tehre was load all the food stuff into the cars, then after that, it was carrying all the food up, then after that it was preparing the food, a group effort consisting of ikan bilis cleaners, ginko nut peelers, and quail egg shellers.

it was a lot of fun tho wahahaha, there were all the essentials in the inventory we packed that it felt like we were opening a restaurant. i bow down to denise for coordinating the feeding effort. we had like porridge, indon mee, steamboat, curry chicken, western breakfast, cucur udang, konyaku jelly, ginko barli tong sui, asam fish, fried rice, plus various tid bits and a purple tide of ribena. hehe

and surprisingly, the beach was clean! the water was still brownish tho, but swimmable. there was an episode when we started singing and doing fake synchronized swimming choreography in the hotel pool. and it was a busy labour day weekend.

i must say, it was a pretty effective way to get the pool to ourselves. it's either that or we're the only funny people who still wanna stay out in the hot hot afternon sun. i had the severe sunburn to show for it hehehe, felt like a cooked lobster for a few weeks after that.

we had a round on the banana boat, which was being run by kids circa around the age of 15........below. we thought they were just manning the boat for the brother/father, but turned out they were driving the boats too. imagine the wind whipping thru your hair, the banana boat skipping from wave to wave, and a small kid steering the speedboat towing you. made me glad of my lifejacket.

but it was fun. if your idea of fun is tempting death.

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LAMB FEAST. with muffins
gotta love all those "fan in your face" covergirl shots

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springtime for onigiri
these were all from my back/front yard. not at the same time tho :P

well, time does fly and this blog is about 2 years old already.

actually time really did fly in the case of this blog cos the number of posts between the last anniversary and this one was pathetic.

pause for reflection


at least now with college out of the way, i'm taking advantage of a relatively more flexible schedule, and as you can see a overhaul of the blog.

which can also mean i'm substituting my sleepness nights rushing assignments to sleepless nights doing up my blog. the only difference is that i can stop anytime i like.

so said the alcoholic in denial.

but anyway, now is the time to GET THINGS DONE, aka: every other thing that needs to be done other than "real" work, which is organize the threatening jungle of stuff in the study room, landing, bedroom, and laundry room.

i seem to accumulate mess like a snowball accumulates layers of packed snow as it tumbles down the side of a mountain.

time to get started before we lose anymore innocent sherpas.

ps. i LIKE picasa...
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
simple pleasures

namely, breaking into a new bottle of peanut butter and jelly with freshly home baked bread.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
the big big photo update

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Thursday, June 01, 2006
the ba-chang strikes back


i haven't posted in like...3 months. that's like lightyears in terms of the amount of crazy fun shit that's been happening.

to commemorate this momentous (how do you spell that?) occasion,

here's a picture of my nephew SCOTT-y

isn't he adorable? muahaha

events i wanna record here(to do blogging list):
My graduate Exhibition and the events leading up to the launch and after it.
-launch night
-setup madness
CNY lou sang in taman Ukay
getting lei'd in subang
gl's wet wet wet lamb feast
goin to an O&M interview
workin freelance for JASMINE
baskin and robbins mad rush
cold storage opening

till then, it'll be filled with various nonsense.


ps. i lost alll my comments.........ciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilaka
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it's japanese for riceball. in more local terms, ba chang might be the equivalent.
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