Wednesday, September 10, 2008
They tried to make me go to rehab...
...but i said NoOo noOo noOo ~

this blog has basically been dead for almost a year. but sentimentality and wishful thinking has kept it around in my mind and bookmarks all this while. but i've undeniably have changed a lot since my last time posting.

but entering a new "era" so to speak, it's time to move on and start anew.

don't really have an idea how to go bout it, but am gonna think it over properly before starting again.

all the best. to me. hahahaha

love and peace everyone!
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
2 years
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


So for CNY I ate ate ate with fellow babis.

I also ate ate ate with my extended family.

Following that also eat eat eat even more with immediate family.

Then I syiok sendiri look at flower cos I did the arrangement punya.

for easter pulak i go church pray pray(in church), sleep sleep (in church also), then minum minum (in murni's)

happy eaters everyone ><

i mean, EASTER.


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Saturday, February 17, 2007
my 22nd
no time no time.

it's been a VERY busy month. lots of birthdays though.

got alyson, tracy, denise, annette, and name a few.

had my sorta annual work appraisal at McCann. i think it went pretty well :P

i gotta organize my time better. too much goin on and not enough time to write about it. hahaha

went to a waterfall, had fun, got sick the next few days. recovered in time for an audition for ykls chamber group woo hoo.

10 more minutes till CNY. happy tahun babi ya'll.

and to end this edition of onigiri news bites "
chomp chomp"® , PICTURES!!!

jap sunday lunch @ nihon kai

makan makan makan

cake to crumbs in 2 minutes

oh diva nyer

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Saturday, January 06, 2007
Onigiri's Tetek
it seems that for a period of time, peole found their merry way to my blog whilst looking for the word: TETEK. sadly, i do not have an abundance of bobbies on my site, unless you enjoy Coce yo. (see camwhoreran highlands posts)

still cannot beat aly, whose blog was searched using the key words "pics of bloody underwear" or something like that some time ago hahaha.

ps: going to google trends site, it seemed the poor people in batu pahat searched the most for tetek, last i checked => tetek, just type it in and see what happens hehe

please donate generously, a lack of tetek is a terrible thing.

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Remember remember the end of December : part deux

30/12 afternoon - A New Piano for the YCA @ Chef & Brew Restaurant

30/12 evening - Queen Leen's 21st Birthday COCK-tale Bash @ The Palace of the Golden Thongs

(this is like a super condensed version, for the grand post have a peek into the highness's daily life.)

31/12 till 1/1 - Port DICKson new year.

happy new year all (^_^)~*
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Friday, January 05, 2007
Remember remember the end of December
22/12 - Winter Solstice/Goh tong lunch with family


to be continued...
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fwooh, 2006, what a year.

the year i graduated, the year i started working, the year i turned 21, the year i went on more trips, the year i became a cam whore, the year i actually filled up an organizer from jan to dec.

what will 2007 bring?

a few resolutions:
  1. to not get caught up in the moment - been making many mistakes and wrong choices/ decisions just because i was distracted by the NOW, and forgot about hat i already KNOW. don't what the question to arrive from myself and others, "know already and still do? WHY?"
  2. stop making excuses.
  3. manage my finances in an orderly fashion. and save some of it haha.
  4. always do what i love, and do my best. design and performing.
  5. begin dancing regularly again.
  6. look good, feel good. get that six pack and lose that baby fat, be strong enough to do lifts with a dance partner and to do tricks on the breakdance floor.
  7. CLEAN MY SPACE AT HOME. not only my room y'know. (damn, this one has been there since forever) maybe i should become more anal-neatfreak.
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Thursday, December 21, 2006
Family Events
Birthday lunch for Grandma from Dad's side @ Kampachi Japanese Restaurant @ Equatorial

Birthday Dinner for Dad @ Villa Danieli Italian Restaurant @ Sheraton Imperial

Birthday Dinner for Grandma from Mom's Side @ The Mouth Restaurant @ Ipoh

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Sunday, December 17, 2006
Camwhoreran Highlands Day 2 part 2, Day 3 the end

We continue where we left off, with ROUND 2 of hill climbing. this time towards the hills just behind the MNS nature center. the sunset light made taking photos glorius.

true camwhores at heart, we risked our lives climbing out unto a rock stiking out the side of the hill to take snaps.

DINNER. steamboat. too much food.

AFTER DINNER. wine. pillow talk. panda hugging.

the morning after. time to go. sob.

no time to be sad, camwhoreran highlanders are always ready with a smile for the camera, we'll make even the ringlet bus stop look glam baybeh. enjoy coce yo.

spot the hawt bus passenger.

back in KL, spot the klang "valley".

one last look at our home for 3 days and 2 nights and 700+ photos.

it was a wonderful trip. let's make it our yearly pilgrimage, seeing how several members of this years expedition were at camwhoreran highlands as well hehe. love and peace and teh tarik to all.
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it's japanese for riceball. in more local terms, ba chang might be the equivalent.
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