Monday, September 11, 2006
2 weeks worth of updates.

will not happen here. hehehe

however, last night i had a dream aliens attached the earth but humans, like the evolutionary cockroahes that we are, manage to overpower the invaders with our hidden tech advancements and determination.
a little like independance day(the movie), but with better special effects and bigger robots. naturally, i was one of the heroes doing the saving.

it was MY dream after all.

after the battle, peace settles on the land, and i return to my homeland to rejoice and celebrate with my family. my parents say cool, but we're leaving for the graveyard now. huh? oh ok lets get the boiled chicken to be put near grandma's grave, ala clean the graves, ching bing style.

my parents said, "no lah, two wan tan enough already wan la for those two."

then a dark gaping feeling of loss filled me as i realised my two brotehrs didn't make it through the war.

at this point i sorta woke up, though the gaping feeling of loss still lingered in my head. thoughts like how unfortunate the feelng of parents who outlive their children, and how much i actually miss my brothers. since one of them lives in the USA and one has moved out.


anyways, i lied earlier about the 2 weeks worth of updates.
here in point form:

item 1
developed what i conculde to be psychosomatic rashes. i break out in hives when i am feeling under pressure/ stress/ overly tired/ worried. was really bad like 2 weeks ago. now only comes out when i'm really pushing myself. and the day it was BAD was a friday when KL was flooded and most public trans got blocked up, so imagine a croeded monorail train, packed like a sardine can with me having red splotchy skin, resisting the urge to scrath. HELL ON EARTH. i thank the gift of foresight to wear long sleeves that day.

item 2
merdeka weeked was a high and low. high: HOLIDAY. low: chi hoe's farewell.

item 3
went to watch broken bridges. having friends in the audience and the cast+crew made the whole experience surreal. douglas lim can sing! the disturbing part was when a girl aborted her baby/ suicided on stage using a smoothed out hanger wire.

item 4
AMAZING MALL RACE. i came, i saw, i ran, i didn't get to finish the race. chi bai la. for a full report, jengoklah di sini:
queen sleen's fabulous account
(my race partner and sexy jiran hati sejiwa muah muah)

bloody blogger's brutal honesty
(my bitch and love of my past life)

item 5
i worked on a weekend. with said rashes hitting me like clockwork exactly when my brain is repeating the mantra "it's time to go home". saturday and sunday. it's karma i tell you for leaving pretty early (before 10pm) the previous few days muhahaha...

item 6
attempted to go for the starbucks music festival.
ended up lepaking in the curve, watching monster house, and then having peach soursop ice kacang in Souled-Out hartamas. it was the night of reunions. ran into ex-college mates (i miss and love you all), ran into former high school mates (miss you too, even though most of you like like 5 minutes away). saw mia palenscia sing indie rock tho. nice.

item 7
got a proper haircut @ peekaboo @ the curve earlier the same day of the starbucks music thingie. made the stylist, jeffrey, laugh when i was saying i wanted an "uneven fringe" when actually it's called a slant, or something like that. malunyeeer...

item 8
my graduation ceremony is gonna be on the 11th of november.
gosh. i haven't booked my tickets. shit.

item 9

ok, time to sleep and back to work.

ps. the whole day i was wondering WHY ONLY JUST TWO WAN TAN FOR MY BROTHERS GRAVE?! WHY WHY WHY WHY...

pps. a moment for all victims of terror. it's been 5 years. i was watching the smoking tower when the second plane hit. i thought it was a movie. not a live news feed. things like this should not happen.

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