Monday, November 27, 2006
hari graduasi
woo hooo....

i got my diploma! 6 months after i finished classes. (ceremony was on november 11th). yes this is also known as the continuation of my blog edisi event lapuk haha.


woo hooooo~~~!

awkward moment(s) of the night:

1. gettting into the heavy outfit. (damn i had a neck ache after wearing that mortar board for about an hour plus)

2. having an orchestrated version of "bujang lapuk" playing while people went up to collect their scrolls. (has anyone heard of pomp and circumstance?! hello?!)

3. nearly losing my hat when we tossed it in the air for the photo at the end. i have a feeling mine hit my principal on the head tho, he was sitting right in front of me hehehehe.

still. the main event of the night was

graphic design is BLUE!

one academy graduates dis-robing


fellow documenters of the event:
jaemyc, shining, swen
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Sunday, November 26, 2006
cast party mugshots

Spotter's guide to the ykls


if anyone would like to claim this bracelet. Aaaannnd has anyone kept a bag full of accesorries belonging to wai fun?
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Thursday, November 23, 2006
i'm baaaaaaaack

hari ini we are having edisi khas blog pos lapuk.

memperkenalkan.............Sebuah Hubungan Sulit Malaysiaaaaaaaaa (a malaysian affair)

almost exactly one month ago, ykls had a buatan malaysia themed concert, ALL the songs were LOCAL. (locally composed, locally arranged, locally performed, locally traditional, locally modern, locally local.)

here are some of the pictures from my camera

Diva Diva Posing giler

drama shots

odd couples

saw san san luuuurves the camera

joel wong also luuuurves the camera. and with one hand nonetheless

the excelented cast of the PHONE SONG.

And the siouw-iefied and talentedness cast of A Malaysian Affair.

more piccies from the cast party hopefully coming soon >< sorry for lack of updates been having a string of late nights at the office, and also a weekend or two. such is the merry life of graphic design and advertising heh.

current events to be blogged pending:
  • new earphones
  • graduation
  • family weekends (blood related and non blood related)
  • erm..anything else?
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Friday, November 03, 2006
There ain't no tits on the radio
but you can see them while walking the streets.
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Thursday, November 02, 2006
night in sentul
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it's japanese for riceball. in more local terms, ba chang might be the equivalent.
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