Thursday, July 28, 2005
argh my hair
damn, why is it there's always a catch?!

FINALLY i drove my mom from here to taman tun (to pick my grandma) without any incident, and using the fastlane mostly (woo hoo), when she asks me whether i should be getting out of my P license. i took out the card, and seems it's been about a week since it expired.


so now i'm REALLY barred from driving even tho i've finally gained enough confidence to zoom zoom vroom vroom. grrrr

not to worry, by friday i'll be getting my license with a goofy haricut pic on it. which incidentally got me in a small argument with my mom yet again.

i wanted to get my license done ASAP, so i decided to take some insta-digital passpok/driba lesen photos at ss15. took the bus from college, was lucky and din have to wait (i was guessing fate was on my side by this time), got the photos done, collected my processed film for a college assignment, and on to drop my expired "P" at my old driving school. yay three birdies with one stone.

came home, feeling all accomplished for getting so many things done in one day, which is rare in my usual procrastinatory fashion, when my mom pops the bubble by marah-ing me for getting insta-digital passpok/driba lesen photos at ss15. which cost 20 bucks (i get a CD with the pics anyway), rather than a normal negative which is about 10 bucks, and for not really inquiring about the price of the "P" removal.

the lady in the shop charged my RM50 to send it for me and to renew my lesen for a year. i have no friggin idea how much she is chargin for the service and how much is the actual license. boo hoo. kena marah.

on the bright side, i'll be getting my REAL license tommorow. and the streets shall fear my name. "The Moving Roadblock"

another thought : i think it's gonna be hilarious that i'll be getting a haircut sometime soon and will look next to NOTHING like my pic in the license. ohohohoh

"The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it."
- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
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Saturday, July 23, 2005
OH MY GAWD. it's bloody brilliant.
Revenge of the Sith as you have never seen it before. Malaysian subtitlers eat your heart out.
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Saturday, July 16, 2005
god bless sara lee

well, this is the obligatory "i havn't updated in donkey ages, and now i must fill the space with utter crap i pull out of my ass".

well, it's just that there's been so much stuff happening in my life but i do not feel like writing about it. key word :LAZY

but fact of the matter is, i am very much alive.

hmm, quick summary of my activities, went and came back to redang. Aly and Lup and Sleen have done very good posts about the trip. i only managed to get some crappy pics before my camera battery went honky tonky.

some sparkly things spotted from bus at wee hours

attack of the sleep deprived ayam hutan

gawd, this view made it all worth it

just had a brief recital at damas which buddies.

OH! i just thought of what to write about!
THE NEW GSC at I utama new wing!

or my splurge lately on food. nando's, delifrance, bread story...hmmmm(ate some nasty breads there the other day, will rant bout that soon) genki sushi, TGI fridays, Kim gary, mac donalds, burger king, pizza hut. gosh, i feel so.....targeted consumer fodder.

had ulitmate mudslide and the burger with the longest name at friday's too.

read a new book lately too. "the brand gap". just aqquired a new tom holt piece, on my list to read too. and just bought "stop stealing sheep". time to catch up on my reading ya'll.

i also gained weight.



lovely photoblog

excuse me, I interupt you
Hans Jensen
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it's japanese for riceball. in more local terms, ba chang might be the equivalent.
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