Friday, October 27, 2006
ugh. holiday mood has not left me. and summore i am in between projects (not being really productive during working hours). and i've gotten hooked on meebo.

last drama thing to happen (work related anyway) was me being sucked into a project for Coca-Cola.

look out for the promo coming out later this year. that's all i can safely say for now...

other than that, happened to have the fat ass SLR camera with me one day, so here's some random shots.

my workspace

co workers. i do not know the bunny. (mostly taken by sam, my next table neighbour.)

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Monday, October 23, 2006
Self Pimpage

Student Limelight

heh, i termasuk college website under student limelight section. please disregard my overly positive and corny profile. it was meant to be sarcastic, but reading it now, i feel slightly embarassed at my naivete haha. i do not have a pet goldfish. never ever. my mom has some guppies though.

in other news, my second freelance job for Jasmine magazine has been published. did some horoscope ilustrations for 'em.

here they are sans the layout, in no particular order...
miss gemini, miss leo, miss libra, and miss pisces

miss aquarius, miss aries, miss cancer, miss capricorn

miss sagitarius, miss scorpio, miss taurus, and last but not least, miss virgo.

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Friday, October 20, 2006
Scott's First Birthday - 14 Oct

Main Course? What main course?

le Guest of honor

Mango flavoured creme brulee
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Monday, October 16, 2006
cute trap
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Friday, October 13, 2006

that includes the two visitors who have stumbled here by accident, making the grand total of people who are still faithfully checking this blog to...3.
me included.
... i'm a stubborn biatch and i've kept this blog and invested too much time and effort* in certain posts to just let it die a slow painful death...

*well, to ME anyways, in the distant past. like about 6 months ago. darnit.

so on with the show.

i would like to make clear however this is just another teaser post. with the intention of kick-starting my blogging juices after being sucked dry the COCA COLA company (more on that later...)

so on the list to-be-blogged:
- accepting my inner camwhore. doing the DIY one arm out camera facing yourself with a bulky SLR cam is not jelly beans i tell you.

- my 3 day affair. yeah, i had a lover's tryst of dramatic proportions with make-up and sets and all in the actor's studio bangsar. photos coming...

- onigiri works! - an insider's guide on my new habitat - menara IMC, 8th floor.

- singing in a hilton. nope, not paris, she's not that roomy anyway. the kuala lumpur wan. a wedding gig in which i realise yet again i need to get my own set of formal wear.

- RIP nokia. a tribute and eulogy for a short, yet intense fling i had with a full of joy, sadness, suspense, and murder most foul.

- MONASH BALL. a royal escapade. now a regular drama series on Channel Qleen,
episode 1,
episode 2,
episode 3,
episode 4...

adios muchachos!

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it's japanese for riceball. in more local terms, ba chang might be the equivalent.
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