Sunday, August 20, 2006
patung kucingkecik ... EAT THIS!!!


entered the axn amazing mall race with aly, leen, and rach. today my kaki keras and sakit oi as a result of a couch potato doin 1km on a treadmill, 500m on a crosstrainer, 20 assisted pull ups, rock climbing, and running up and down 5 floors of 1 utama new wing. that's a bloody achievement that is haha.

damn.... i do a lot of walking on way to work........

oh well, time to focus on the rewards of exercise....TIGHT TUSSHIES.

yes. thank you.

btw, went to startlight cinema last week and watched 2 fast 2 furious and the tokyo drift one. can't stand the "hero" for the second film.

best nani moment of the night: character suddenly rips of shirt and do a "show muscle" walk and camera angle while walking to a car, [all of us go "HUH?"], cuts to character punching thru car window with ripped shirt round fist. [all of us go "aaaaaah..."]
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Sunday, August 13, 2006
wanita rempah
yikes, i've already been working for almost 2 weeks now...

and weekends are really becoming the oasis of the working week.

i think my life is gonna have the ryhtm of work work work *recharge on weekend* work work work.

and everyday is an adventure because of crowded public transport combined with a drowsy designer.

so far what i've been doing in office is illustration, readapting posters, character design, storyboards, and logo design...

clients include nescafe, da ma cai, and tv9...

ry's gotten a new lovely white slim samsung phone... so he passed on his nokia clamshell to me. which worked fine for a few days and then i dropped it when getting out of the car today. i nearly cried on the spot, but caught myself when a tribe of bangladeshi workers were gonna walk pass.

it's now being repaired in pyramid. after getting that phone, i finally had a concrete reason to upgrade my sim card. which is like almost 5 years old and only 32k... time for a mobile phone camera cam whore to be born!

COME AND SUPPORT THE CONCERT, former schoolmate needs your support for a definitely good and worthy cause. check it out.

and finally, after this post of soundbites and cliffnotes:
the PDLAKA wanite rempeh afre gonna take the local music scene by storm!

heres an upcoming preview, an outake from their shoot with fotoCHOP studios:

confirmed la sunita is scary.

disclaimer: i will not be held responsible for any shit covered chairs, mental/physical injury, caused by viewing the above picture.

and cause i had no time to document said PDlaka trip, other than take a ton of photos:

by queen sleen
babak pertama
babak kedua
babak ketiga

by aly bakgua
part 1

adios amigos
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it's japanese for riceball. in more local terms, ba chang might be the equivalent.
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