Wednesday, September 28, 2005
osim sells vibrators
was walking thru 1 utama last sunday when i got ambushed by the OSIM event emcee. got drafted to take part in some fitness contest, do 500m worth of cardio on some machine, then run three laps round the exhibition centrepiece. i won. muahahahha, feel so proud cos i still had some energy after not having proper sleep for the past week.

i got a OSIM gift bag with some massage oil and an "iBrush" which basically is a vibrating hair brush with detachable brush plate to function as a massage device. looks like it could be mis-used/ abused. hahahah


the gift pack

ribbed for your pleasure


the iPod mini and the iBrush. *koff *koff *koffcopyright infringementkoff *koff *koff
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maggi tetek
uwah, went to see one of the craptacular movies this season, THE MYTH. show was off all the way, but entertainment value wah FWOOSH. "jack" needs to lose the hat. the whole show was done very very hong kong style, disjointent scenes, illogical story, unnesseasary footage, weird editing, and kick ass action. plus all those weirdly pronounced western names. and get this: JACKY CHAN SPEAKING TAMIL.

after movie, ry, me, aly, sleen, rachel, and danny adjourned to kenchana, when lo and behold i get one weird ass shaped maggi mee goreng(pics below), remember you saw this FIRST here and only at KENCHANA mamak. hahah

babi babi kat tgv

MBC official hangout spot @ kenchana (pending)

Maggi Tetek

Maggi Tetek

Maggi Tetek Banjir

Maggi Tetek Banjir

telur abang sudah makan


queen sleen's artwork ala receipt

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
marche's. ou @#%&$
it's been a gruelling week. but FINALLY we're DONE. with marche's. here's the damage:

due to working long hours at odd hours jaemy and lynda found it neccesarry to wear sun protective headgear in the car on the way to the curve.

tired and shagged out.


we are so gonna whoop your asses if you ask us to hang up more ribbons after this.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
marche's. ou yea
me and a bunch of friends got a gig to decorate marche's at the curve during their oktoberfest promotion period. This was day one of actually putting up the deco. "making of" pics maybe later la haha. i think we were all a bit loopy from having to wake up early and also inhaling too much spray glue fumes the day before, preparing the deco items.

jaemy(debate stance), swen(pouncing), zhiling(trying to concentrate), lynda(covergirl angle)

jaemy(the hat needs to go), swen (trying not to puke at the hat)

lamb shank, shrimp pasta, chicken rissoto

the fondue

us and "gary" from 8tv right at the back. ran into him at marche's. he was being VERY friendly, seeing how we are complete strangers. he exchanged numbers with jaemy. only jaemy. HMMMmmMMMMmmmMmm.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005
i have nothing of real interest to post at the moment but i have a cute cat picture.

this was taken like ages ago outside the my house, one of the local kitties found the top of the old mitsubishi pajero comfy that hot afternoon.
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Thursday, September 15, 2005
what a day
i had a quite the day. i finally got the funtastic graduation batch 2005 promo pack (our seniors). it's worth like 25 bucks and i got it free cos i answered correctly in a quiz session during or graduation campaign class. they came to share their experiences.

yay. went for yum cha in rasberry after that and shared a small fudge cake with kyou, aya, and gure. so muhibah, got one rep from every major in my college except for interior design. gure had class, so the rest of waved our hankies and bid her farewell.

but then the rest of us went to see charlie and the chocolate factory. me and kyou were having our second dose of the burton cannabis, while aya was gonna be having her first time. after that we laughed joyously at how much of a actor god johnny depp is and how much we worship tim burton and also why do all young boys in movies look the same.

we adjourn to 1901 hotdogs for a lil dinner, by way of breadstory which was already having the 30% off all breads at that time. i got the vanilla ice cream bun, which is this like 7 inch fat bun with milk powder and icing sugar sprinkled all over it, and filled with this cream that tastes like vanilla ice cream, or as aya puts it, condensed milk cream. kyou and aya got a spicy turkey ham bun and a cheese bun respectively.

after my hotdog i gleefully dug into my bun, which i have been itching to try ever since i saw the flavour on sale in breadstory almost a week ago. it was pretty nice, a bit jelak, but it was tasty yum. BUT, half way thru the bun, i saw a lil something poking out of the morbid fascination, i pulled it out and it was a 2.5 inch hair that had been baked in the dough. i am just glad it wasn't curly. too bad i din leave it in, if not i would've had an excuse to rain fire and brimstone unto breadstory.

and i saw a cat being hit by a car later that night. i was walking by the side of the road, when a kembara drove past me and i heard a loud *WHUMPH* i turned around and saw a cat flailing wildly on the road. i tot the cat was just stunned or something, so i kept walking, but i was just freaked out. i kept turning back, and the cat was like having a seizure, it was waving it's legs wildly and flopping on the road like a fish out of water. finally after a minute or so, (i was already far away by this time) i saw it had stopped moving and was lying smack in the middle of the road. i wonder if i could have saved it. but it was after 11pm and there were no vets around open. all i can hope for is that the kitty doesn't become this.

"People who are tremendously concerned about their identification, their individuality, their self-expression, or their sense of humor, always seem to be missing the very things they pursue."

Walter J. Lippmann (1889-1974),
American journalist, Pulitzer winner

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Friday, September 09, 2005
my 10 days

those people at Blizzard entertainment have a dastardly strategy to ensnare people into the World of Warcraft. ever since how many donkey years ago, a few of my friends have been living there in Durotan server having grand adventures.

BUT, i was given an oppurtunity to sample this exciting new horizon due to a free 10 day guest pass. only problem was, i couldn't chat in private chat rooms, couldn't axcess mail, cannot trade with other players, and cannot level beyond 20. but who cares it was FREE.

after the lengthy instalation and patching process, i finally entered the laggy world of warcraft. (of all times i chose to play, streamyx was going thru some shizz)

well anyways, it was a fun and immersive experience, and i had a blast, and it was only REALLY fun when you've got friends you know there. cos it's such a detailed system, you can actually flirt and hump random things in the game. sorry, don't tell blizzard i said that haahahha

but 10 days are over and all i got were these lousy screenshots.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005
bukan untuk tontonan umum
this is what happens when you are bored, sick, tired and unable to comprehend a friggin thing the lecturer is saying at the front of the hall, because you are sick, tired, bored, and at the end of the hall. and this is also what happens when you are surrounded by your dirty minded friends in a design college.

and also being just as, if not more perverted than the best of em. wahahaha
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Monday, September 05, 2005
my mom likes to bake

with stuff like this appearing in the kitchen whenever i wander downstairs it's proving difficult to go on my olsen twin diet plan.
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Saturday, September 03, 2005
the shoot
This was my final assignment for photography class last term which i submitted, featuring one of our lovely babi gang, Rachel!

THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH RACHEL for giving us your time and effort to make our shoot a success. thank you also my fellow group members, rowan for lending us her hair pins, and also to adobe for creating that program called photoshop.

it was a long day, starting at 5 am, with us making our way all the way to taman melawati, dealing with make up and hair, people, and also trying not to feel self conscious with the old man doing tai chi in one corner, and the other bunch of housewives who were doin tai chi and line dancing while we ran around taking photos. it was hectic cos we were all sharing one model in our group of six while having to produce one set of shots each. (it's an individual output, but group preparation).

our idea came from trying to use a "modern geisha" concept, and also the fact that her dress is actually just made up of ONE piece of black cloth 6 meters long, which was not cut or sewn, just pinned and clipped on her. The photos were taken with slide film on a regular slr camera (nikon F110), the slides were then scanned , digitised, and texturized and such in a PC.

"After I'm dead I'd rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one."
Cato the Elder (234-149 BC, AKA Marcus Porcius Cato)
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Thursday, September 01, 2005
it's sappy but true
it's a late and pleasant evening.

you are one of the only two people left in the starbucks that night. one of you orders a grande rhumba frap to share, and we exchange chuckles over silly things said over a laptop.

near closing time, the manager gives you two muffins for free, they're cold, but one of them is a coffee choc one that still tastes scrumptious, but tastes even better cos it's being shared too and crumbs are flying all over the place.

the blueberry one is almost like rubber and one of you dissects it, much to the disgrace of the clean floor, now carpeted with even more crumbs.

the little looks, the laughs. the company.

it ain't perfect. but i'll take it anyway. perfect things lack character.

A capella Sound File Index all in real media format, but mostly full songs XD

"Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end."
Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971)
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it's japanese for riceball. in more local terms, ba chang might be the equivalent.
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