Friday, December 08, 2006
Camwhoreran Highlands Day 2 part 1
the day begins with us grudingly gettng out of bed, too groggy to really notice the scenery. (it's green, and it's tea, after a while it gets monotonous hehehe)

breakfast gets us going, with homemade chapati and tosai. and more teh tarik. The dhal habis jual.

next, we went of trampling thru the green. camwhore session begins. the group splits into two at the moment cos leen, ken and rach got stuck on a rock.

macam ciggarette ad yo.

enjoy Coce yo.

we managed to catch up with one another and stopped by the road for our packed lunch. we are joined by Lambo, our temporary guide dog and pet.

random scenery on route to...

the TEA HOUSE. where we climb up to the view point and yes, you guessed it....

...camwhore session begins again.

the high altitude = less oxigen to brain = unusual behaviour

the highlands bring out the poser in you.

can you feel it?! the camwhore energy?!

yeap, smiling and taking photos (and walking 3 km up and down slopes from MNS centre) is a tough job. time for a nap.

i got bored, and started jumping.

soon, everyone joined in.

to achieve better altitude, we had to resort to using accesories

jumping got old (and tiring), so time to DUDUK SEKSI ATAS BATU (new hotseller vcd in pasar malam)

sit on mountain. see leen's mountains.

after photo session, twas time for the quintessential pseudo british cameron's experience. TEA.

we got a ride from one the tea tractors goin up and down the plantation for a quick and violent trip halway towards the MNS session. named highlight of the trip by general concensus hehehe

it never ends. i'm running out of ideas for captions. we got back safely to the MNS centre.

more random scenery. to be continued...
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