Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Camwhoreran Highlands DAY ONE
rachel coined that term, genius i tell you.

anyways, aly has got out the first series of posts on camerons, head on over there if you wanna see the whole trip in one go.

me on the other hand, am gonna do an almost blow for blow account of our weekend in the country hehe.

so here goes with... DAY ONE

a good trip begins with a good breakfast: MAMAK near pudu, while waiting for the bus.

road trip! (bling shades automatically ups anyones sexy)

phew, we arrived safely in ringlet, and hop into mrs moorthi's (caretaker) pajero to get to the MNS-BOH field study centre.

en route, we drop by mrs. moorthi's house for lunch, puss play and food pick up. camwhoring ensues on the road outside her place.

we interupt the blog for some over abundant breathless scenery inside and around the BOH estate.

after lunch, we go ahead and start walking towards the MNS centre while mrs M prepares our tea. it starts raining on the way and we berteduh by the roadside till mrs M came and picked us up hehe.

fwooh we finally arrive at the field study centre. Time for karipap and teh tarik and Taboo.

BBQ dinner. nuff said.

Taboo continues. This time with added Baileys. luckily we had the whole place to ourselves that night, a bunch of tipsy 20-somethings with a game involving shouting out guesses is considered a hazardous source of sound pollution. bloody fun tho. wahaha.

amazingly enough we finished ALL the cards in taboo. on all sides. and then it was after 4 am, time for bed and looking forward to another fruitful day...

to be continued....
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